Pocket Owl creates portrait, Manga ,
video,  individual image, Graphic design
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Bachelor of Department of Arts and Design,
National Hsinchu University of Education

Master of Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts,
Tainan National University of the Arts


MANGA​ (Original Work)

2018~2019  Published    Train Boys” 
ACTIVITY of MANGA(Derivative work)

2015  Published  doujinshi "PON PON PON 2"(Touken Ranbu, Online Game)
                                                           "PON PON PON 1"(Touken Ranbu,Online Game)
                                                           "The Fruit of Hallows"(Tokyo Ghoul, Manga )
2014   Published  doujinshi"Good night, Rin" (Free!,TV anime)
                                                           "Buddy buddy 2" (Kuroko's Basketball,Manga)
2013   Published  doujinshi"Hatsui" (Kuroko's Basketball,Manga)
                                                           "Play with me?" (Kuroko's Basketball,Manga)
                                                           "Buddy buddy " (Kuroko's Basketball,Manga)
                                                           "Hue Check" (Psycho-Pass, TV anime)
2012  Published  doujinshi "Trick or Treat?" (Magi, Manga)    
                                                           "WANTED"   (Magi, Manga)          
                                                           "Summer Sugar"  (Magi, Manga)  

2011 A Flash of Enlightenment , New Urban Art Garden, Taipei
2011 Damn it!it's world wonder!(Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts,Taipei)
2010 Art&Media Int'l Video Exhibition Closing Reception and Live Performance
(SOHO GALLARY,Osaka,Japan)

2010 R- Restricted Yoga (Tainan National University of the Arts,Tainan)
2009 Taipei Arts Awards (Taipei Fine Art museum,Taipei)
2009 Go to hell,Globalization (Tainan National University of the Arts,Tainan)
2008 We are hollow,solo exhibition, (National Hsinchu University of Education,Hsinchu)
2007 3C Festivel Annual Event ofAssociation of the Visual Arts in Taiwan (huashan Art Center,Taipei)